Hospitals are one of the most complex building structures you will ever come across. I’m sure you’ve been to a hospital and you’ve probably stopped someone to ask for directions and they probably couldn’t help you either. So what would you do now? If only there was an innovative way to guide visitors. Well, Digital Wayfinding Kiosks is the answer!

We’ve helped a number hospitals overcome some of these issues by installing our custom Digital Wayfinding Solution at strategic key locations within multiple buildings. We have built custom solutions for a number of hospitals across Australia and are looking at expanding our solution to other industries such as retail, education and exhibitions.

Digital Wayfinding Solutions - Hospital Emergency Department

Whether an individual comes to a hospital for a routine check-up, for a small surgery or to stand by someone having a major operation, there’s enough reason to be stressed out and for these people, getting lost in a large hospital just adds the additional frustration to the overall experience.

Incorporating a digital wayfinding solution for the overall wayfinding strategy in hospitals is a must. The hospital needs to think about key locations where the digital wayfinding units will greatly help visitors and this includes entrances, lifts, long corridors and reception points.

Benefits of Digital Wayfinding for Hospitals

  • A self-service method that also reduces the need for staff to direct visitors
  • Due to the positive visitor experience offered by digital wayfinding, visitors aren’t as frustrated at not knowing where to go and are therefore highly likely to revisit
  • With complex path mapping, you can provide the options to print directions or send the information to a mobile phone
  • People are able to search through long lists of names alphabetically or using our smart filter
  • It gives hospitals the opportunity to advertise their products and services and forthcoming events concerning patients, staff and visitors.
  • It also helps to have relevant content in the right place for maximum exposure to patients and their visitors. For example, an advertisement for toothpaste for sensitive teeth should be placed in the dentistry department where patients and their visitors can see it and benefit from it. If it is targeted at the right audience, its objective is achieved.
  • Further engage with visitors or patients by adding surveys, social media, news, queue management information
  • Maps, destination points, and routes can be easily updated since the whole solution is all digital. No more printing or using sticky notepads
Digital Wayfinding Solutions -Custom Branding Kiosks

Our hardware

  • We use Commercial Grade Touch-Screens from either Samsung, Panasonic or LG
  • The hardware is designed to run in a 24/7 environment and is all commercially designed products
  • Kiosks are custom designed and built locally
  • The Kiosks has 2-3 locks to prevent access to the insides of the units
  • The front of the Kiosk can have a custom signage with logo and an information signage

Our Software

  • Customisable and Scalable Solution
  • The wayfinding software is built using the latest web technologies
  • All data is stored in a database and managed using an Online Management System
  • Similar technology to Navigational Based GPS Systems, Google Maps, etc.
  • Routing Based on Dictated Walkable Paths
  • Algorithm based on shortest distance from Current Location to Destination Point
  • Ability to add modules and integrate with other systems e.g. Timetables, News, Survey, Social Media
Digital Wayfinding Solutions Custom Software

Our Process

As you can appreciate, deploying any Digital Wayfinding solution is a complex and intricate process. From completing a number of Digital Wayfinding Solutions for hospitals, we have created a simple and efficient process to help you deploy your Digital Wayfinding solution quickly and most importantly – within your budget. We have listed our process below.