Improve your staff productivity at your office building by using Digital Wayfinding! 
For large corporate businesses with hundreds of employees scatted across different buildings and levels, finding where staff are located can be a challenge. In particular, if staff are hot-desking then this can be more challenging. This is where our digital wayfinding solution will solve some of the challenges. Staff can simply walk up to our digital wayfinding kiosk and then search where staff are located in the building. In addition, the staff is also able to search for a particular room and potentially check whether the room has been booked or not. With a bit of customisation, we will also be able to integrate with different Room Booking systems and staff will be able to book a room on the Digital Wayfinding unit.
If you need an innovative interactive staff directory board combined with room booking and digital wayfinding then contact us.Digital Wayfinding Solutions - Office Building Overview Wayfinding

Show a Digital Map of the Building or Floor

Our Digital Wayfinding solution displays the floor map or staff marketing communication as part of the screensaver (the screen that prompts users to Touch To Begin).
Digital Wayfinding Solutions - Office Buildings Screensaver
Whether your business is on one floor or across multiple levels across different buildings, our solution will meet your needs. 
Digital Wayfinding Office - Buildings Floorplans
Digital Wayfinding Solutions - Office Building Custom Branding

Our hardware

  • We use Commercial Grade Touch-Screens from either Samsung, Panasonic or LG
  • The hardware is designed to run in a 24/7 environment and is all commercially designed products
  • Kiosks are custom designed and built locally
  • The Kiosks has 2-3 locks to prevent access to the insides of the units
  • The front of the Kiosk can have a custom signage with logo and an information signage

Our Software

  • Customisable and Scalable Solution
  • Search by staff, room, facility, department, or your custom destination
  • The wayfinding software is built using the latest web technologies
  • All data is stored in a database and managed using an Online Management System
  • Similar technology to Navigational Based GPS Systems, Google Maps, etc.
  • Routing Based on Dictated Walkable Paths
  • Algorithm based on shortest distance from Current Location to Destination Point
  • Ability to add modules and integrate with other systems e.g. Timetables, News, Survey, Social Media, Room Booking, Hotdesking, Staff Directory
Digital Wayfinding Solutions - Office Building Custom Software

Our Process

As you can appreciate, deploying any Digital Wayfinding solution is a complex and intricate process. From completing a number of Digital Wayfinding Solutions for hospitals, we have created a simple and efficient process to help you deploy your Digital Wayfinding solution quickly and most importantly – within your budget. We have listed our process below.