Digital Wayfinding Campbelltown Feature


Campbelltown Hospital another large hospital in the Macarthur Region NSW Australia and that spans across multiple interconnected buildings. The hospital was recently expanded in 2016 and as part of the redevelopment project Digital Wayfinding was implemented to assist  visitors and staff to navigate through the hospital. A total of 10 Digital Wayfinding kiosk units were installed across the hospital.


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Custom Enclosure, Intel NUC, Commercial Grade Screen, Touch Sensors


Custom Digital Wayfinding Software


The concept of supplying a digital wayfinding may seem simple at first but the challenge was to provide a solution to meet the complex nature of the Hospital environment and this included:

  • guiding visitors to their destinations using walkways that is accessible only for the public with multiple entrance points
  • buildings with different levels and each level having  a different layout
  • interconnecting buildings with the same physical levels but different names
  • digital wayfinding kiosks located at different levels of the hospital
  • popup announcement to guide visitors to the reception area
  • providing basic instructions for non English speaking visitors


Several Digital Wayfinding Kiosk are located at the main entrances.

Digital Wayfinding Solutions - Cambelltown Hospital - Main Entrance 2
Digital Wayfinding Solutions - Cambelltown Hospital - Theatre


Several Digital Wayfinding Kiosk were also located in near lifts.


Were you ever  lost at a corridor? This is another perfect location for a Digital Wayfinding Kiosk especially when there a long corridors that span across buildings.

Digital Wayfinding Solutions - Cambelltown Hospital - Cafe 2


The major features of our digital wayfinding solution are:

  • software built using the latest web technologies and uses a similar framework which is used by Navigational Based GPS Systems, Google Maps, etc.
  • routing is based on dictated walkable paths and uses an algorithm based on shortest distance from current location to destination point
  • routing inside buildings as well as between buildings
  • all data is stored in a database and managed using an Online Management System
  • multiple search functions by department and clinic
  • 5 Languages – English, Vietnamese, Arabic, Chinese, Hindi
  • uses a SMART Filter which provides dynamic real-time filtering as well as wildcard filtering against multiple words
  • reporting – Know exactly what is and isn’t being used
  • screensaver feature to show communication messages or advertisements when not being used
  • and may more features!
Digital Wayfinding Solutions - Campbelltown - 3 Steps