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GOTAFE is the largest vocational education provider in regional Victoria, with a focus on building a better community by inspiring people to succeed.




Shepparton, Wangaratta, and Seymour VIC, AUSTRALIA


49" and 55" Commercial Grade Touchscreens with Internal Media Player


Custom Digital Wayfinding Software, QR code module, News and Event module


GOTAFE is a leading vocational education and training institute based in Victoria, Australia, that required a comprehensive digital wayfinding solution to improve the campus experience for students, staff, and visitors across three of their main campuses.

The main objective of this project was to provide seamless navigation, search functionality for departments and meeting rooms, and easy access to amenities while integrating the institute’s website news and events information. Our team at Advertise Me was honoured to work with GOTAFE and deliver a state-of-the-art digital wayfinding solution customised to meet their unique requirements.

The key features of the Digital Wayfinding Solution

Guided Navigation: Our digital wayfinding solution seamlessly guides visitors, students, and staff to their desired destinations within the campuses. Through an intuitive user interface, users can easily input their desired location and receive step-by-step directions, ensuring a hassle-free journey across the vast campuses.

Department and Meeting Room Search: Our solution is designed to help people easily navigate through campus. It comes with a powerful search function that allows users to quickly find specific departments and meeting rooms by entering relevant keywords or department names. Once the user finds the location, they can access detailed information and directions on how to get there.

Highlighted Amenities: We understand that convenience is key in a campus environment. That’s why our digital wayfinding solution includes highlighted markers for essential amenities such as lunch rooms, toilets, lifts, meeting rooms, and exits/stairs. These markers make it easy for users to locate and navigate to these facilities.

Mobile Integration via QR Code: Since mobile devices are so prevalent these days, we’ve implemented a QR code scanning feature. Users can simply scan a QR code displayed within the campus premises to instantly access the route to their intended destination on their mobile devices. The integration of the digital wayfinding solution with GOTAFE’s website enhances user engagement and simplifies navigation.

The news and events information on the website is integrated into the wayfinding system to create a cohesive experience. This allows users to stay informed of the latest happenings, important announcements, and upcoming events, providing a unified and informative campus experience.

To ensure inclusivity and accessibility for individuals who prefer or require information in their native languages, instructional languages in Swahili, Arabic, Hazaragi, and Hindi were implemented. This feature recognizes the diverse community at GOTAFE and accommodates a broader user base.

Our team collaborated closely with GOTAFE to implement a state-of-the-art digital wayfinding solution for their main campuses in Shepparton, Wangaratta, and Seymour. The solution is designed with user-friendly navigation, extensive search capability, highlighted facilities, mobile and website integration, and language support to offer an improved and effective campus experience for everyone, including visitors, students, and staff.

Our collaboration with GOTAFE demonstrates our dedication to delivering customised and creative solutions that cater to the specific needs of our clients in the education industry.


The major features of our digital wayfinding solution are:

  • software built using the latest web technologies and uses a similar framework which is used by Navigational Based GPS Systems, Google Maps, etc.
  • routing is based on dictated walkable paths and uses an algorithm based on shortest distance from current location to destination point
  • routing inside buildings as well as between buildings
  • all data is stored in a database and managed using an Online Management System
  • multiple search functions by staff names, departments rooms
  • uses a SMART Filter which provides dynamic real-time filtering as well as wildcard filtering against multiple words
  • reporting – Know exactly what is and isn’t being used
  • screensaver feature to show communication messages or advertisements when not being used
  • integration with external systems to display the News and Events feed
  • QR code integration to display the maps on mobile devices
  • and may more features!
Digital Wayfinding Solutions - GOTAFE routing example
Digital Wayfinding Solutions - GOTAFE digital wayfinding QR code module


The digital wayfinding QR code module is a convenient tool that allows users to access map routing on their mobile phones by simply scanning a QR code. By scanning the QR code with a compatible QR code scanner app or the built-in camera app, the user can quickly and easily display the map on their device.

Once the QR code is scanned, the mobile phone opens the mobile version of our digital wayfinding solution and then retrieves the necessary map data and displays the route or directions based on the user’s current location and destination.

The digital wayfinding QR code module is used to provide students with easy access to navigational assistance and help them find their way around the campuses using their mobile devices. It simplifies the process of obtaining directions and enhances the overall user experience.


The News and Events module for digital wayfinding solutions is a feature that integrates with an organisation’s website, in this case, GOTAFE’s website, to display the latest news and upcoming events directly within the digital wayfinding system. This module enhances the user experience by providing real-time information about relevant news and events happening within GOTAFE.

In case your organization does not possess a News or Events feed, you need not worry. Our customized solution effectively caters to this requirement by providing all-inclusive News and Events content that is specifically created for digital signage. Check it out there:  News and Events for digital signage