Using Digital Wayfinding at exhibitions and events is a great way to engage with visitors, exhibitors and staff. Digital Wayfinding can be used to help obtain directional information, locate services, key points of interest, and venue amenities, display the event schedule and display the exact locations of the exhibitor booths. Digital Wayfinding units can be strategically positioned in the main entrances, near lifts, and long walkways or even near major stages. The units clearly indicate directions to various destinations, where people, rooms, or facilities are located within the building. We work closely with our clients to provide excellent digital wayfinding solutions during their events and exhibitions. Our digital wayfinding solution can also be integrated with other systems such as EMS (Event Management System). The digital wayfinding units display event information and the direction for each room. We can supply and install different types of digital wayfinding directories from a very basic digital wayfinding directory to a complex directory that shows the routes for easy navigation and access to services during exhibitions and events.

    Digital Wayfinding Solutions UNSW Corridor

    Why exhibitors should use digital wayfinding

    Exhibitions and events can be extremely busy and the floor layouts can be complex for the customers to navigate. Therefore, it has become a necessity for the event organisers and the exhibitors to provide Digital Wayfinding solutions for the customers to quickly and easily get directions to where key points of interest are located without suffering the frustration of getting lost. 

    Following are the reasons why exhibitors use digital wayfinding:

    To Provide dictated walkable paths to the visitors

    Digital wayfinding uses the latest web design technology to provide a direct and appropriate route for every destination in an event and exhibitions. The technology uses the latest web technologies to determine the path from the digital wayfinding unit to the destination. The movement is therefore made easy by the use of dictated walkable paths and smart algorithms. Our team has designed the algorithm to determine the best path to the destination based on the shortest distance from the current location. If a path is no longer accessible, our software will automatically reroute with only a few clicks.

    Provides an easy smart routing for any given space

    The smart routing algorithm software performs routing in any given space thus making it easy to use for exhibitions and events. This Software is built using the latest web technologies and uses a similar framework that is used by Navigational Based GPS Systems, Google Maps, etc

    Provides multiple search options

    Exhibitors using digital wayfinding solutions are able to provide multiple search functions based on visitors’ and customers’ requirements. For example search by event or exhibitions name, department, location ID etc. We have designed a system that is easy to search based on keywords or exhibitor names or session titles, and the visitors can easily identify what they’re looking for. Our digital wayfinding solution can also display more information about the event, and the exhibitors such as their products or we can even customise the solution based on the client’s needs.

    Quick highlighting buttons 

    The latest web design digital wayfinding technology provides quick highlighting buttons that help to add and highlight specific landmarks on the current map. 

    Custom branding the digital display screen and use of multiple languages

    Event organisers are able to request a completely custom digital wayfinding solution based on the theme of the event and we can change the design and feel of the interface. Everything from font, colours, or background can be customised. The digital wayfinding solution can be tailored for different demographics and is able to display multiple languages to accommodate all visitors. The instructional text remains translated in the selected language for the duration of that session.

    Benefits of using digital wayfinding at exhibitions and events

    The complete solution can be customisable

    The Digital Wayfinding solution can be completely customised from the actual design of the unit to the interface. Everything from the design of the event to the interface of the software suits the likeness and preference of both the exhibitors and the visitors. We believe that all wayfinding units should be part of the environment that it is in and should flow seamlessly with the design of the event. In addition, we put the highest value on functionality and usability and hence we have delivered a solution that places its highest priority on the user experience.

    Digital wayfinding display screens are interactive and engaging

    We design and customise Digital Wayfinding to be more interactive and engaging. The digital wayfinding displays are entertaining and attractive and the complete solution for the exhibitors can be used to further drive traffic to their stands.

    Easily integrated with the digital infrastructure

    Digital wayfinding signage is configurable with the brand’s existing digital infrastructure. It can be integrated with digital signage solutions, digital signage hardware, external databases and third-party systems. This complete solution will ensure the visitors are informed and will provide them with an interactive and appealing experience. Our Digital Wayfinding solution will work with other systems such as QR, smartphones, Emergency Response or any internal application you’re using. The visitors at the event can therefore access the event’s digital maps with an attractive complete list of all the activities, the booth numbers, and locations of every item that they need. 

    It is effective in advertising the event

    Using Digital Wayfinding will be another avenue for advertising the events’ activities and your products and services. Product videos, catalogues and even special offers can be displayed on the digital wayfinding solutions.

    Provides dynamic navigation

    The success of any event depends on how easy it is for attendees to navigate the venue and access information. For instance, seminars require you to display information by filtering it for one session at a time and direct the visitor to where it’s located.

    Locations to use digital wayfinding 

    To maximize the use of digital wayfinding in events and exhibitions, they should be strategically located for the visitors to see and use them. Therefore, the locations to use digital wayfinding include

    At the entrance of the buildings

    For the Hospitals events, having a digital wayfinding at the entrance will help visitors and patrons to quickly and easily find their destination. Users will be able to search for Wards, Departments, Clinics, or Specialists.

    Near lifts 

    Having events at shopping centres can be frustrating without digital wayfinding. Having them near lifts helps the shoppers to find the store they are looking for across multiple levels or buildings. Sales and offers can also be obtained straight from the kiosk

    Long walkways

    Universities can be large with buildings and facilities spread across the entire campus. To help students and visitors navigate, a university needs the Digital Wayfinding Solution.


    Visitors should not get lost in a building as digital wayfinding screens are located on corridors to perfectly guide them

    Other locations include the conference rooms, main entrances in the hospitals,  the education and the simulation centres and the reception areas in office buildings, airports, expos and events, hotels and resorts, and museum walkways.